Add a Map

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Add a Map

Help expand the database by adding a map! Showcasing a map in the map DB will allow it to get plenty of community feedback and exposure. You don't have to be the author of a map to add it. Add any map you find that isn't here already.

Before posting, ensure that you've packed your map correctly:

  • Folders and files must follow the structure explained in the distribution guidelines
  • Map(s) must have a .res file containing a list of file paths to the required files used by the map, such as sounds, models, sprites, textures etc. This is necessary for the game server to send files for your map to players connecting to the server to allow them to view content. Generating res files can be done using tools such as resguy.
Finished Work-in-progress
  • A map that is more or less complete, aside from minor changes/bug fixes.
  • Includes late beta and final versions.
  • A map that is in the design and development phase of map creation, and not yet a finished product.
  • Includes unreleased, alpha, and early beta versions.

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