About & Credits

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About & Credits

Welcome to the Obsidian Conflict Map Database! Here you will find a wiki-powered index of all maps created for the co-operative Half-Life 2 modification Obsidian Conflict, including downloads, media, and information for each map.

Through a community effort, the OC Map DB provides a centralized resource where players can easily find Obsidian Conflict maps. In doing this, we hope to honor all the hard work and imagination mappers devote to providing us with fun worlds to play in.

We began on February 1st 2011 with very little content, but have already come a long way thanks to the community's help! We aren't done yet, however. Our goal is to make accessible every Obsidian Conflict map ever made.

See the Contribute page to learn how you can improve this great community resource, or, if you already have been contributing but you feel as if there aren't enough people helping out, please invite people to our Obsidian Conflict Map Database steam group.


- Creator of Sven Coop Map Database / Many other databases, the life of the project, collaborating with me to start the database.


- Came up with the idea of starting a well organized database similar to Sven Coop Map Database, getting Cold involved with the project, editing the banner, and many other minor changes / adding pages and whatnot.


- Originally asked to "Borrow" the css design from ScMapDb for OcMapDb, made striped background that is currently on the database, all around major editing with the css design of the website to add a more fitting color scheme similar to the Obsidian Conflict theme, and more appealing borders, and buttons.

Special Thanks: to

The Obsidian Conflict team for the mod.
The Obsidian Conflict team for the original banner from the Obsidian Conflict Forums.
Shana: for the domain name mapdb.obsidianconflict.net
Fug4Life: brought in 60 - 70 maps or so when the database was just getting started, also the guy who grabbed the interest of others on the forums.
Donators: For keeping the database alive for many more years of deliciously filled updates for Obsidian Conflict!

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