Wiki Editing

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Wiki Editing

This wiki is set up to make adding and editing content very simple. Most pages are based on an existing template, so you can add to them right away. A few basic things are described below.

If you have any trouble editing the wiki, please ask for help or take a look at the wiki syntax guide.


Press ctrl + e to edit a page, then ctrl + s to save it.

Editing toolbar


The editing toolbar probably has everything you need.

Links within the wiki

You type You get
[[[map:harvest]]] harvest
[[[map:harvest | a map for harvesting]]] a map for harvesting
[[[mapper:Tysn]]] Tysn

Links to other sites

You type You get
* Opens in a new window (recommended)
[* Example] Example custom text Opens in the same window (not recommended)


To upload screenshots, simply click on the Upload Files button. You can upload an unlimited amount of screenshots all in one step! Once they finish upload and you refresh the page, all the screenshots will show up.

For more professional looking screenshots, you may want to take a look at these optional tips:

  • It's better to take screenshots in 4:3 normal aspect ratio, like 1024x768, as the picture then is correctly fit on the wiki.
  • Use sv_cheats 1 in combination with noclip (to fly around) and godmode.
  • Try to show off the map's architecture and interesting areas.
  • A few screenshots with actual co-operative action are nice, but not required.
  • Use cl_drawhud 0 and/or impulse 200 to hide your HUD and weapon.

Other images

If you need to insert in image within the actual text, follow the above steps then do this:

To insert an image on a page, you can use the Insert Image Wizard.

You can display an image attached to a page by typing [[[image image_name.jpg]]].


See the inserting videos tutorial.


For consistency, please stick to H2 for main headings and H3 for subheadings. You can go up to H6 for even more levels of organization.

++ This is a heading
+++ This is a subheading


This is a heading

This is a subheading

This is the heading button.
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