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I need help with Obsidian Conflict.

Please visit http://obsidianconflict.net

Do I have to join OC Map DB to help?

Although some basic anonymous editing and commenting is allowed, an account will give you a lot more power. You must have an account to add new content.

Does OC Map DB allow work-in-progress maps?

Yes! Mappers are encouraged to use the wiki for showing progress on their maps.

Why do I need to upload a maps file as the primary dl source?

Back in 2008 SCMapDB was in a huge panic when filefront (their primary hosting site at the time) was threatening to close down, they had to go through 400 maps, download them, then reupload them. Please don't cause this to happen, remember to make us your primary dl link!

Why do you give all the credit to mappers? Other people help too.

For OC Map DB, our niche is maps. We'd rather do one thing right instead of trying to cover everything. However, we fully recognize the efforts of everyone involved. Obsidian Conflict mapping wouldn't even be possible without the hard work of Valve Software, the OC team, texture artists, as well as model and sound designers. Their invaluable contributions are listed in the credits section of each map page.

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