Inserting Videos

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Inserting Videos

Videos are an excellent way to show off a map! You can insert videos into OC Map DB from Youtube, Vimeo, and GameTrailers.

Videos should go in the media section of a map page. Make a new tab called Video or Videos, then insert the video code within it (bolded below). Insert as many videos as you like. Just put each one on a new line.

[[include media-section-start]]

[[tab Videos]]

[[include youtube video_id=av7otSWPWVs]]
[[include youtube video_id=jxnL85w7KKY]]


[[include media-section-end]]

The above code will display the 2 YouTube videos in the Videos tab.

Several video embeds are supported. The video_id (bolded below) can be found in a site's URL in the address bar.


Code: [[include youtube video_id=?????]]


Code: [[include vimeo video_id=?????]]


Code: [[include gametrailers video_id=?????]]
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