Breen's Citadel





Breen's Citadel

Author: Gandorques Hikla
.bsp filename: oc_breens_citadel_season1_b3
Date of release: 4th May, 2007
Game Requirements: N/A
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


The truth about Dr. Breen is that he's a big fan of the Japanese TV Show "Takeshis Castle" and he's very dissapointed because it ended in 1989. Therefore he caused the Black Mesa incident and collaborated with the Combine in order to become Earth's administrator so he could get a 24/7 TV Show.
He recreated his favourite TV Show to entertain himself and the Citizens. Then he built a Mini-Citadel and a lot of his favourite Games on the Show's Property.
The contestants are Prisoned Rebels who have a chance to get free if they beat all 8 deadly stages and Breen himself.

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The challenges are not easy so it's recommended to move forward with your team. Some challenges are individual. They'll require a high ability in order to pass through.


- The Great Wall: The players have to stack Crates and Tables in order to get over the Wall in 45 Seconds.
- The First Fortress: The Rebels have pistols and 50 Life Points. Their goal is to get past the Fort.
- The Crowbar Arena: The players have to beat 1 of 6 Randomly Chosen NPC´s (Zombie, Fast Zombie, Zombine, Metrocop with Stunstick, Antlion, Antlionguard) with just 10 Life Points and a Crowbar.
- Dragon Lake: Each player has 12 Seconds to get over the lake, but the stones are just floating so be careful!
- Square Maze: You have to find the exit. Don't run into a combine, you just have 15 Life Points (can take 3 Hits), and don't fall into the water!
- Door Running: One door in each of 4 walls is unlocked. Be fast. If you're too slow, a combine shield will kill you!
- Avalanche: You have to run up and cover in the little gaps at the side, but be careful not to block another player!
- High Rollers: 4 wheels are between you and the Citadel, get to the other side!
- Show Down: Grab weapons, charge your shield and enter the Final Battle.

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2007 fun size:medium

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