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Author: Contron
.bsp filename: oc_vs_canyon_v2
Date of release: Version 2 - August 22, 2009
Game Requirements: hl2.
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


You survived the train crash on the bridge, and got knocked out. A few refugees found you and rescued you into their small wooden safe house. While you were asleep, the enemy team killed your teammates. Now, you must fight back, and wait until, if any, rescue arrives.

Full Story:
You were in a convoy of 4 people, John, Tim, Jack (you) and Peter. Your mission was to find a few diseased citizens that had the deadly disease Deadly Troops Virus that originated Combine genetic engineering. On your way there, your train had crashed due to some combine train jams on the track. John had died due to a beam going through him, and the rest of you had been knocked out. The train also carried a van for once they got off the train, complete with a radio for communication and supplies. A few rebels who had a safehouse down in the Canyon had heard the train crash had climbed up the grain elevator to reach you, and brought you down. You then woke up to find that the rebels had been killed. You then try to wake up Peter, John and Tim to find out that they all had contracted the virus. So, you scavaged around for a SMG and fought back, and you hoped, for rescue to arrive.

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Vs teamplay

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2009 needs:pics size:small

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