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Author Hickers
.bsp filename oc_dday_v1
Date of release 21/01/2011 20:40
Game Requirements HL2
Suggested Players: 4 - as many as possible!


I've always liked playing games with D-Day in it such as MOH and I wanted to create something like it using what's available in OC. After thinking of ways in which the map could be played I decided on making it a team versus map but still keep objectives seen in normal maps plus a controlable landing craft :D.

The red team first objective is capturing the base. To do this they must blow fences with bangleores, plant bombs on walls and ammo dumps, find keys and batteries to get to other areas, disable the radar and most of all put up an Union Jack right on top of the base. The main problem in doing these objectives is firstly the npc which occupy the base but also the blue team which have the defensive position plus being able to buy better guns such as the sniper rifle forcing reds to do multiple landings plus use tactics.

The blue team first goal is to defend the base for 15 mins (still might change that timing because it may be too long but you can add to that) which then the game will end if succesfull.

The red team second goal is to gain access to a secret lab in the outskirts of the base. They must defeat the helicopter before descending in the lift whilst being attacked by striders and the blue team which have got positions in the cliffs. Descending to the bottom and access the base wins the game.

The blues on the other hand have to destroy the generator that powers the lift in order to stop them advancing.

Additional info

With all vs maps there is the problem it might tern out not to be fun so i am prepered to change any part which people balive is bad or create any thing you may think that will improve it. And as fug4life said I hope with steam we get more people playing verse styles. I'm also wanting some kind of music for the map that can loop or somthing. I got none myself, I thought of something like how Crysis has constant music so something from that would be great if anyone has it (couldn't convert my crysis game files, they're locked somehow). I know cannon has some but i don't want to steal it.

Additional credits

Beta testers:

- Spoon.inc
- Lord'Sgt.Saiax




2011 abandoned teamplay vs

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