DEλD CITY - Pre-release





DEλD CITY - Pre-release

Сampaign Author: TIMON_Z1535
File Size: 33 mb
Date of release: 22.07.2013
Game Requirements: Hl2, ep2
Suggested Players: 1 - 16

Description (RUS)

Кампания в стиле игры Left 4 Dead. На пути в убежище вам предстоит встретиться с ордами зомби. Прогулка по мертвому городу не заставит вас заскучать.

Что особенного?
-5 видов оружия.
-3 вида зомби + Танк.
-Улучшены текстуры.
-Автоматическая регулировка уровня сложности.
-Музыкальное сопровождение приближено к оригиналу.

Description (ENG)

The campaign in the style of the game Left 4 Dead. On the way to the safe-room you will meet with the hordes of zombies. Walking through the dead city does not make you bored.

What is special?
-5 Weapons.
-3 Types of zombies + Tank.
-Improved texture.
-Automatically adjusts the level of difficulty.
-Musical accompaniment like original.

List of maps in this Сampaign

  1. oc_l4d_trainstation_01_v1 || Version 1 ||
  2. oc_l4d_trainstation_02_v5 || Version 5 ||

Additional credits

Valve - Level design, Sounds, Models, Materials
Cremator - Huge Hulk model for Zombie Master
the_real_³°² - New weapon sounds
Casper. - New gloves texture
AsIsAy - Replacement crowbar



2012 2013 campaign city classic-co-op dead featured l4d night zombies

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