Forest House





Forest House

Author: Umbrae
.bsp filename: oc_Forest_House_Alpha
Date of release: Alpha2 - August 24, 2011
Game Requirements: N/A
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


Oc_forest_house is a zombie survival map that takes place in a a house in the middle of the forest. The plot is not long after buying a house in the middle of the forest, you begin to realize that things arn't quite right when a squad of rebels show up uninvited at your door step.
It appears they have managed to stir up the graveyard in the middle of the forest after they scaled the wall, which surrounds the house. Now the living dead are wandering around in the forest outside the house.
You decide it is finally time to put that shotgun that sits up above the fire place to some good use.

Unfortunately as the night wears on and as the number of living dead you send back to the ground increases, you begin to encounter bigger problems.

Additional info

Don't be shy to bring Sam (the arms dealer) some items that may be of use.

I highly advise you to explore the map, you will enconter mini events not part of the main storyline by doing specific things and finding specific places. More mini events will be added as more versions of this map are released. Yes there will be more easter eggs and some already existing ones will be improved. At the moment I just want to release the alpha so people can enjoy it and I can find bugs and fix

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2011 work-in-progress

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