Author: Tekeron
.bsp filename: ep2_oc_iceonslaught_v2
Date of release: Version 2 - June 07, 2010
Game Requirements: hl2., ep2.
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


Work as a team to fight off the hordes of enemies and complete the specified objectives. While you're at it, you might unlock a special secret or two ;) .

To begin, take the teleporter in the corner of the spawn room to the surface, and press the big brown start button in the middle of the map.

To turn off the shields around the base, press the keypad button on the side of the snow pillar with the health station located behind the start button.

Additional info

This map was originally designed for use in Gmod, but once version 1.35 of Obsidian Conflict came out, I decided to modify it to not only work in Obsidian Conflict,
but also to add new features to the map which can only be used in this mod such as purchasing weapons and other things from a merchant and other things.

While this map has been tested many times, there are still minor bugs here and there, and there could be an occasional crash. If you encounter any problems with
this map, or have some suggestions for a future version, please post them in the release thread for this map on the Obsidian Conflict forums.
If you have any comments, suggestions, or discover a bug, please post about it in the maps release thread Link

In V2 I have added a saw blade dispenser and modified the npc spawns to hopefully prevent players from crashing as often from too many npc's.
The spawn room has been enlarged and modified, and the gravity gun is now free.

You should have Episode 2 mounted for this map to work properly!!!!!!!!!

Known bugs:

1. Error models pop out and then fade away when the cores behind the towers are destroyed.
2. Occasional crashing.

Additional credits

Testers: -Zeo




2010 difficulty:hard size:small survival work-in-progress

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