Moe GlaDOS Factory (OC remix)





Moe GlaDOS Factory (OC remix)

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Author: NeoTokyo mod (Studio Radi-8) (original version) / XenoAisam, raidensnake , Maestro Fénix and BRS/Syrex (OC version)
.bsp filename: oc_moegladosfactory_v2
Date of release: 09/07/2012 (V1), 17/01/2016 (V2)
Game Requirements: HL2
Suggested Players: 1 - 8
Estimated time to beat the map 20 - 30 minutes (medium)
Size 152mb on bz2, 453mb uncompressed.


PASKAL Urban divisions just got intel about a popular Diva, Hatsune Miku, being abducted in a research factory as hostage. PASKAL squad was dispatch to help releasing Miku from the area. Without much information, the PASKAL divisions are deployed outside of the factory, ready to enter.

What they will find inside…?


Originally nt_ghost_ctg from NeoTokyo, it has been modified to make a "new" map for classic co-op. The map has embedded all the NeoTokyo content, so is not necessary to have installed the mod for play it. The V2 version has been fully optimizated and added HDR, so there's now a gain at the FPS.

This map uses now a revolutionary camera display for cutscenes, removing the old and blocky anime overviews. A new way to allow dynamic subtitles has been implemented. Also, numerous improvements have been made at the gameplay and mapping design.

Note: In order to make the subtitles to appear on the map, it needs to be loaded only once locally for online game, no need for listen server. All dedicated servers need to install the custom plugin in the addons folder to their sourcemod for the map to work.


  • Custom content from NeoTokyo.
  • Great ambientation.
  • In game dialogues through cam display.
  • Subtitles.

Additional credits

Moe GLaDOS Factory V2

Original Version:

Lead Developers:

Character Overlays by XenoAisam

raidensnake as Captain Benci
Rozenstar as HQ Radio Girl
Heavenstare as Corrupted GLaDOS
vocaloidifytheworld as Hatsune Miku (Original Version Only)

Version 2 Revision:

Lead Developers:

Additional Scripting By:
Maestro Fénix

Communication Design:
Inspired by the Eli character overlay featured in oc_trainride by Cementiet

Maestro Fénix

Background Design:

Faceposer Animation:

Subtitle Scripting:
Maestro Fénix

raidensnake as Captain Benci (Reprised)
Rozenstar as HQ Radio Girl (Reprised)
Heavenstare as Corrupted GLaDOS (Reprised)
Raspdere as Hatsune Miku (Version 2)

Additional voice & Texture by Aspider25
As part of the Day of the spider Moe GLaDOS Factory crossover Collaboration

SourceMod Server Scripting:
Using modified client execute plugin
Original by dubbeh
Modified for Obsidian Conflict by mrchemist

Original Map nt_ghost_ctg By Studio Radi-8
Modified for Obsidian Conflict

Corrupted GLaDOS's Dome Shield model by Soldier

Gas Mask Overlay Update By Princess Luna

Special Thanks:
The Obsidian Conflict Development Team
The Obsidian Conflict Community
The XenoOC Community
ASpider25 & Cementiet
All of the people who worked on this project and beared with is after all of these years.
And Especially You

Featuring Hatsune Miku v3, Corrupted GLaDOS, Captain Benci & PaskalSailorGarl (As HQ Operator)
Hatsune Miku v3, Corrupted GLaDOS, PaskalSailorGarl & Captain Benci Models Designed By XenoAisam
Hatsune Miku ©2007-2016 Crypton Future Media Inc./Sega Corporation/Yamaha Corporation/Kei
Corrupted GLaDOS ©Crypton Future Media Inc./Sega Corporation/Yamaha Corporation/Kei/Valve Corporation/Ichikazu
PaskalSailorGarl & Captain Benci Models ©XenoAisam
The Day of Spider Garry's Mod Series Collaboration ©Valve Corporation/Facepunch Studios Ltd/ASpider25
Original Map nt_ghost_ctg From NeoTokyo ©Studio Radi-8
Music From Unreal Tournament OST ©Epic Games/Digital Extremes/GT Interactive
Portal & Source SDK ©Valve Corporation
Obsidian Conflict ©Obsidian Conflict Team
Modifed Client Execute Plugin For SourceMod ©dubbeh/mrchemist/AlliedModders LLC
Sourcemod & Metamod ©AlliedModders LLC
Uses Valve Source SDK 2007 For Obsidian Conflict Mod
Dialogue Written By XenoAisam & raidensnake
Developed Exclusively For XenoAisam's Obsidian Conflict Server

An RSDNTWK, XenoAisam & OC Community Collaboration

Thanks For Playing

Content Used Under International “Fair Use” Laws

Originally presented by The Raidensnake’s Den Website Network As Part Of It’s 9th Official Anniversary

The permissions for use the NeoTokyo content were got by Maestro Fénix



2012 2016 classic-co-op conversion difficulty:medium featured size:large

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