Author: Xenoaisam, Raidensnake and Maestro Fénix
.bsp filename: oc_neolobby / oc_neolobby_lite
Date of release: 20/05/2014
Game Requirements: HL2
Suggested Players: 2 - 32
Estimated time to beat the map: N/A
Type of the game: Lobby
Size: 2mb on bz2, 13mb uncompressed (Lite: 2mb on bz2, 12mb uncompressed).


This is a vastly improved lobby. Unlike other lobby maps, this one uses a keypad to select up to 99 maps, without any need to break doors or other. While the keypad is used for the default OC maps, as well as custom ones, for the Half-Life campaigns is used a dual button system, inspirated on the one at the Single-Player Campaign Portal from Sven Co-op.

Also it is available a lite version for those servers who only wants a lobby map for the HL campaigns.

How to use: To select a map, go to the numeric panel, select the map number, push enter, press at the same time the double buttons and go into the portal.
For the Half-Life campaigns, press the buttons of the console at the same time and go into the portal.
You need two players in order to select a map.

For server admins, refer to oc_neolobby_modify.txt in your SourceMods/obsidian/maps/cfg directory for information on how to add and remove maps for your server.

Additional info


  • Adds missing chapters on some HL campaigns.
  • Server admins can now block determinated chapters, not only a campaign like it happened before.
  • Fixes wrong and even missing maps at some HL chapters.
  • Dual button system: Two players are now required in order to pick a map.
  • Displays the chosen map just before the server switches into that map.
  • Small size, even lower than the official one.
  • Keypad map selection: Choose quickly a map and know their information without moving.
  • Map catalogue: See all the available maps at the keypad easily with only pressing one button.
  • The maps can't be chosen while a portal is open, it requires either wait 30 seconds, or select another map.

Additional credits

Developed by Raidensnake, XenoAisam and Maestro Fenix, based on the original work of Tysn, Shana and Skidz.



2014 map-selection size:small

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