Author: Funjob / Maestro Fénix
.bsp filename: oc_nerv
Date of release: June 7, 2011 (V1) May 18, 2014 (V2)
Game Requirements: HL2
Suggested Players: 1 - 8
Estimated time to beat the map: 40 minutes (long)
Type of the game: Survival, Lives, Co-op
Size: 93.5mb on bz2, 216mb uncompressed.


Based on End of Evangelion. The players must advance to the briefing room to get further instructions.

Additional info


  • Lives gameplay with checkpoints. Cooperate with your team or be victim of the Nerv slaughter.
  • Rank and time systems. Beat the map with the higher score you can get as fast as you can or die trying.
  • Easy and Hard difficulty levels, for those who want an extra challenge.
  • Familiar scenes from the Anime.
  • Equal combination of action and puzzles.
  • Guaranteed at least 40 minutes of gameplay.
  • Several unique bosses, some of them secret.
  • 7 new weapons, each one having their pros and cons.
Due a current fault with lives gamemode not being able to trigger on all the players dead, it is on use a simulated one. This will be changed at the next version of the mod.

Walkthrough:Only use this if you are having a really hard time beating the map.


  • Be cautious. Refill your health, armor and ammo every time you can. There are many tramps and ambushes ahead.
  • Aside of increasing your chances of losing the game, you will lost points every time a player dies.
  • Explore, look closely, there are hints and secrets around that can give you extra points or even save you from the death.
  • Taking more time to beat the map that the one recommended will lower your rank. Don't stop moving.
  • Saving Nerv personnel will grant you more points. Keep them alive as much as you can.

Additional credits

Original mapper: FunJob/FJmaps
Original writter: Kilroy Higgins
Remake Team: Maestro Fénix, Dominic and Tau-9


Air on the G string Bach, performed by Sung Eun CHoi
Mysterious Orchestra MG-Rizzello
The Dice Game JCRZ
Hold the line Celestial Aeon Project
Point of Exit Piergiorgio Lucidi
Thanx Olev Serkov
Loop9: In Haste 2011 T-Bird
Phase10: Spiral T-Bird
I'm still here Macroform
Dies Irae Verdi, perfomed by Pueri Cantores Di Vicenza


Original advisor: Kilroy Higgins
Original scripters: FunJob/FJmaps and Kilroy Higgins
Remake scripters: Maestro Fénix

Glock 17: Tigg, XlongWayHome and Valve
M1911: Twinke Masta, Defeat, XlongWayHome and Valve
CZ75: Arby 26m XlongWayHome and Valve
M37: Maestro Fénix and Valve


C-130: HJMediaStudios and Maestro Fénix
Ballistic Shield: Bobson and Maestro Fénix
YAGR-3B: Maestro Fénix
JSSDF Soldier: Kruk, Maestro Fénix and Valve
Pirate Ship: Mikko "OEM" Uusitalo

Misc props made by FunJob/FJmaps.
Ammo crate pillar made by Shana

Quality Control:

Original QC leaders: The Beeman, YouKnowWho, FunJob/FJmaps and Destined Cruz

Original QC participants: Pinkerton, Rockfish, Iron Unseenone, TBerg, Gingervitis, Madoif, Swamp Fox and The RS Clan

Remake QC leader: Maestro Fénix

Remake QC participants: Dominic, Lancelot Albiol, Raidensnake, Wheatley, Uchiha and Cementiet

Special Thanks To:

QC leaders and participants
Obsidian Conflict DEV team and community
Maestro Fenix
The Razor Blade Soldiers Clan
Hideaki Anno and all the staff at Gainax
And of course you



2011 2014 classic-co-op custom-weapons difficulty:medium featured lives puzzle size:large

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