Author: Bailey Hall
.bsp filename: neuromancer_v_6_pak3
Date of release: 02/06/08 (Final)
Game Requirements: EP2
Suggested Players: 1 - 8
Estimated time to beat the map 10 - 25 minutes (short)
Type of the game: Puzzle
Size: 17mb on bz2, 41mb uncompressed.


Neuromancer is a Half-Life 2: Episode Two single player level where the player must travel between cyberspace and reality to of unlock new areas of the physical world. It has been ported to Obsidian Conflict and modified to be able to play online.

Author’s Notes:

“For this level I chose to focus on intuitive aspects of level design with an emphasis on puzzles. A designer faces many challenges while creating a level that is intuitive to the player. Each player has a unique way of solving a puzzle and associating the objects nearby with their surroundings. In Neuromancer, the player must use the data cubes to hack into cyberspace and decrypt barriers which unlock new areas of the physical world. The data cubes are a prime example of objects which the player must associate correctly in order to unlock new areas.

I wanted to work with cyberspace for a while and knew it would be a rewarding task to try and create two different environments and seamlessly tie them together to create a solid piece. From custom texture creation to detailed attention to the placement of assets, each area provided an artistic challenge during creation.”



2008 conversion difficulty:easy puzzle size:small

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