Nacht Der Untoten





Nacht Der Untoten

Author: headcrabd "Plasma HeadcrabD" / Maestro Fénix
.bsp filename: oc_nacht_der_untoten
Date of release: 29/09/2013
Game Requirements: DOD:S
Suggested Players: 1-8
Estimated time to beat the map N/A (unbeatable)
Type of the game: Survival, Lives.
Size: 8.97mb on bz2, 36.4mb uncompressed.


You drove them deep into the heart of the Reich. You thought they were dead. You were wrong.

Objective: Use the weapons and barricades to survive as long as you can!

Additional info


  • 13 new weapons adapted for this map (DOD:S weapons).
  • Mystery Box.
  • Infinite enemy rounds with growing difficulty.
  • Barricade system.
  • Waiting room.
  • Regenerative player health.

Additional credits

SonofBrimstone - Original DOD:S weapon models fix
Makrontt le necron - Original weapon scripts
gamr748 - Original weapon scripts
Maestro Fenix - New DOD:S weapon models and script fixes
rtijms - zombie models

Special Thanks To:

Maestro Fenix - Advices on some in/outputs, as well as remaking the map and much more.
Dominic - Some advice/help.
Treyarch - Original creator of the zombie map for Call of Duty: World of War.


  • The difficulty is determined by the number of players: 1-2->Easy, 3-5->Medium, 6-8->Hard. We aren't responsible of the gameplay if the server has dynamic skill levels.
  • Aim for the head. Shooting to the torso will make you waste your ammo. You can get a momentary advantage by shooting at the legs/foots. The ironsights are very useful.
  • Keep built all the barricades that you can, or you will end having many zombies chasing you.
  • Think carefully before buying a weapon/unlock the cabinet/opening the mystery box. It could make you at the end be helpless due the lack of money.


2013 custom-weapons difficulty:medium featured lives size:small survival unbeatable

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