Operation R-Day





Operation R-Day

Author c0m4ndo45
.bsp filename oc_r-day
Date of release Final - August 29, 2009
Game Requirements HL2
Suggested Players: 4 - 16


For years we have been supressed.

We have been exploited, tortured and killed without mercy.

But we've bravely fought back. We never gave up hope. However, just as we seemed to be turning the tides of the war, the combine have finished creating an ultimate superweapon. An particle cannon securely held on one of the most heavily defended combine bases, which is only acessible through air or an old abandoned cave, starting near an beach. Together with such deed, they have also launched an surveillance satellite equipped with an huge mirror.

Our spies suspect that the purpose of this mirror is to reflect the particle cannon down into us, to cause mass destruction. However, the mirror latch has not yet deployed and the particle cannon is still very unstable. This is where you come in.

This is where one of the most ambitious rebel attack begins. Your mission is to fire the particle cannon before the mirror latch deploys, to destroy the surveillance satellite and hopefully their whole base. Beware though, as they will do everything to stop you.

Lock'n'load rebels. This is our day of vengeance. This is the operation R-day.

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Note that this map has been balanced for 4 or more players and may be very hard with less then that. The difficulty of the map increases as you progress through it.

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2009 classic-co-op difficulty:medium size:large

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