Author Xenire
.bsp filename ep2_oc_outhouse_1r2
Date of release January 12, 2012
Game Requirements HL2, EP2
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


You are a civilian being transported by the Combine to one of their facilities for exactly what they do to all civilians who are gathered up. In your darkest hour by what seems to be a stroke of luck in the thick of fog rebels ambush the convoy. You and some others manage to free yourselves but the fight is too intense and the Combine begin to overtake the rebels. In a desperate attempt to escape you run into the nearby forest along with the others who have been freed, but you notice that oddly the Combine are not following. The forest is infested with zombies and your situation has not improved. As your group travels through the forest trying to survive there is a lone mysterious outhouse in the middle of the forest. Perhaps somehow it can be the key to your survival.

Additional info

This map is the first part and does not contain the conclusion nor is it finalized.

  • Linear combat based progression
  • Simple teamwork requirements, but it is now possible to complete solo as well
  • Limited ammunition and weaponry (exception of the standard pistol)
  • Lives (two starting, dead players brought back at checkpoints)
  • Secrets (to be well equipped it will be best to keep an open eye)
  • Scripted weapons from OC

The map is almost completely combat based and as such is the challenge. The difficulty is high, especially on skill 3 and sticking together is crucial. Expect to be required to share weaponry on higher difficulty settings with more players, and death will carry a heavy penalty in both terms of lives and weaponry so spreading weapons wisely will be of help.

It should be noted that the skill setting on this map will have a very large impact due to the limited ammunition and the scenarios presented with tougher enemies. The amount of ammo received will remain the same across difficulties.

March 6 - Updated the modify file a final time.

Additional credits


  • Glass Cannon
  • Finest Hour (Parsee) [version r2]



2012 classic-co-op difficulty:hard lives size:large

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