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Author: Sven
.bsp filename: oc_paysan_B11
Date of release: Version Beta 11 - June 27, 2010
Game Requirements: hl2, ep2.
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


adj. peasant

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Things you need to know

- The howl signals that night is approaching
- You must be inside a safe place during the night or you die or get sent to jail.
- When you die, you lose $50.
- Resources (food, fruit, wood, etc…) dissappear overnight.
- Things thrown outside of the map end up in game machine.
- Antlions attack your plants and buildables. Beware of them.
- Antlions spawn throughout the day after a certain amount of days have been passed or the city gets open.

Important Places (Farm)

House - Your spawn, and orignal saftey spot. Don't stand on the railing or the stairs if you want to be safe.

Sawmill - Place logs in one end and planks come out the other. All wood can be stored in the large wooden crate. Use the wood to build structures, the amount of planks that are needed is displayed.

Chicken Coop - Where bought chickens are kept. Baskets can store food too.

Shredder - Place wheat plants from the top to get shredded wheat bags from the slot towards the bottom. Unoperational at start. Anything else placed in it will end up in game machine.

Field - Where you grow your plants.

Mill - On top of the hill near pawnshop. Place shredded wheat in the slot up the stairs, and flour comes out of the slot.

Kitchen - Where food is cooked. Buy pan from hardware store. Place pots and pans on the stove, then place ingrediants in them. Fridge stores whatever can fit in it.

Mine Stairs - Where you build the stairs to reach the mine.

Puddle - It appears between chicken coop and the shredder. It appears only after it rains, and the day after too. Fill up buckets with this.

Important Places (Entire map)

Lake - This is where you catch fish and get water to water you plants with.

Fishing Shop - Hidden behind a small hill near the lake, its where you buy fishing materials, and sell fish that you catch.

Seed shop - Up the hill to the pawnshop, this sells all your basc gardening equipment, including extra buckets and seeds.

Pawnshop - At the top of the hill, this consists of three areas. One is where you sell all your resources and where you can buy many weapons, and the entire outside area around it. The entrance to the city can also be bought here.

Forest - This is where you get most of your basic resources. Chop down pine trees to gain 2 logs, and take those to sawmill. Also, pumpkins grow in the bushes, so watch out for those. Beware, it has a slight problem with antlions.

Mines - The entrance can be built at the farm, and a mining permit can be purchased from the city. Some of the rocks can break, mainly the small ones. Some of the deeper areas have become weak due to erosion, and may break under your feet into a pit full of zombies. And beware of falling rocks. You can find bronze, gold, and diamonds here, all sold at the pawnshop.

Important Places (City)

Hardware Store - This is where you buy your advanced tools, including sentries and the hose.

Bank - A substitute for point exchange. Money tends to pile up in the vault overtime…

Mayor's Building - This is where you buy most of the upgrades for farm. It's located near the hotel.

Hotel - Buy a room to crash in overnight.

Jail - Do not break the law, or you'll be in here. You can play basketball for money to pay the bail. I highly suggest to kick the basketball up to your hands instead of, well, ehm…just trust me on this.

Pets Keeper - Next to the jail, buy your pets here.

Dumpster - Throw trash in here for some points that spawn on the lambda logo.

Dungeon - Battle your way through enemies to get a reward.

Drugs Saleswoman - Buy drugs (not for personal use) here.


Farming - Buy a seed from the seed store. It spawns in the bins near the pantry. All the information about that plant is displayed above its bin. To plant, take it and place it on the field, then press E. Remember to water each day, and to protect them against antlions (PS: Rain waters plants smarties). Once they grow, sell the fruit at the pawnshop. No average amount of money can be estimated here, all depends on the fruit you grow.

Lumberjack - Go to the forest and chop down a pine tree. Then bring it to the sawmill to make some planks. Then use the planks to build some structures. The wooden container next to the sawmill stores wood, ONLY wood. Although you can sell them, building is much more preferred.

Pumpkin Hunter - Go around the map and scavanger for pumpkins. They don't only grow in forest, and tend to grow inside bushes.

Miner - Mines for bronze, gold, and diamonds. Use the stream to exit the mines quickly, or use the shelter for a night's rest. Beware of headcrabs, and the poor fate of other miners who were subjected to headcrabs.

Fisherman - Buy a rod at the fishing store, and buy some bait. Throw it in the lake, and then wait. You average about

Antlion Hunter - Dude, if you want it, then go for it. You do get money from killing them, and its pretty fun for a while.

Hunter - Buy bait at the hardware store, place it in a hole in the forest, and wait a day. Kill a headcrab, and take the gibs, and then cook it or sell it.

Chicken Guy - Takes care of chickens. Feed them shredded wheat each day, and take the eggs from their coop. Store anything you'd like in the baskets. Name them if you want.

Pizza Shop - Yes, you can buy it. Cook a pizza with the ingrediants mentioned, and then wait for a customer to sell it to.

Street Cleaning - Pick up trash around the city and toss it in the blue dumpster. Cash spawns on lambda logo. Buy a smaller trashcan from hardware store to help you.

Drug Delivery - Buy a drug from the woman at the end of the city. Then, deliver it to a junky that spawns somewhere in the city, they tend to avoid public areas to avoid cops, so good luck finding them.

Dungeon Challenger - Open the dungeon, then buy an entrance for 5$. Dont worry, if your too scared you can always bail by using the phone on the 2nd floor.

Night System: Days are 5 minutes long. After 5 minutes are up, it gets dark, and any resources you have outside will dissappear. Up until the city is open, you die overnight. Being in safe places, which include the shelters, house, hotel, and the dungeon, prevent this.

Stock your resources in:
- The Fridge
- The Pantry
- Baskets in the shelter
- Wooden container near sawmill (wood only)
- The back of the pizza parlor (only after you buy it, don't store them past green tiles).

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2010 fun harvest size:large unbeatable

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