Author: Maestro Fénix/Wheatley
.bsp filename: oc_snowstorm
Date of release: 02/08/2015
Game Requirements: DOD:S
Suggested Players: 1 - 8
Estimated time to beat the map: 20-40 minutes (medium)
Type of the game: Co-op, Lives
Size: 13mb on bz2, 69mb uncompressed.


1944. The end of WWII is coming. Fully surrounded by enemies, Germany has decided to use a new deadly superweapon. Two submarines will carry it into the north pole before use it.
HQ has managed to track down the shipyard where the weapon is being loaded, so a squad was sent to reach the shipyard. However, they found heavy resistance. The first squad has fallen, so your unit will be sent as a replacement.
Remember, these submarines MUST NOT leave the dock.


-Make your way into the shipyard and sunk the submarines.

-Recover the four secret documents.

-Call HQ to announce the sinking and stand by for more orders.


  • There's no armor, and is easy to die if you go full rambo. Take cover.
  • You only have three lives and there's no respawn. Don't die in vain.
  • Ammo and healthkits are dispersed and unfrequent through all the map. Share with the rest of your teammates.
  • Tank shell impacts are 1-hit kill, dodge them or you will be blasted.

Additional credits

SonofBrimstone - Original DOD:S weapon models fix
Makrontt le necron - Original weapon scripts
gamr748 - Original weapon scripts
Fug4Life - Zombie german soldier reskin
Maestro Fenix - New DOD:S weapon models and script fixes, submarine model



2015 co-op custom-weapons difficulty:medium lives size:medium

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