Trainyard Drive





Trainyard Drive

Author Tekeron
.bsp filename oc_trainyard_drive
Date of release Unreleased
Game Requirements HL2
Suggested Players: ? - ?


Players take control of a number of trains on the map, and use them to transport various goods to where they need to go. The game will start with 2 trains and a few flatbed train cars. The players couple the cars to the train, and drive it to a loading zone where the cargo is loaded into/onto the cars (depending what type of car and cargo it is). The train is then driven to an unloading depot where the cargo on the cars is removed for points.

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The points can be used to purchase more trains and cars, of which there will be a variety of types. Some cargo will earn more points than others.

There will be a number of obstacles that impede the transportation of the cargo. Of course the trains might derail, but aside from that, other obstacles include flooding of various portions of track, track blockage by enemies, and more. There will be specialized trains/traincars for dealing with certain problems, such as a car with mounted weapons on it to deal with enemies obstructing the tracks.

The trains can be operated in 2 ways. One way is to stand inside and pull the levers manually. This would be easy to do if it weren't for the fact that it is very hard to stand and move around correctly when the train is moving. I can't do much of anything about this, it is apparently a limit of the source engine. The other way, is to enter a driver seat pod within the cab. While in the driver seat, you can control the break, horn, direction, and speed of the train using the keyboard. The pod can be rotated from front view to back view by pressing a button. The train also has headlights.

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