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Author Parsee the Syntax
.bsp filename oc_uprising_1.bsp
Date of release TBH
Game Requirements HL2, EP2, EP1,
Suggested Players: 2 - 8


Oc_Uprising is a map series that takes place during the rebel uprising near the end of HL2. During this time, you are Squad Two, a elite and anonymous squad of rebels made up of former military and law enforcement who did not undergo the process of becoming Combine trans-humans. After the events of Gordon Freeman's Assault on Nova Prospekt, and with the disappearance of Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance, both Resistance's key leaders. The Resistance launches a desperate, but huge "uprise" against the combine suppressors in City 17. Raven Base (or RB for short) has sent you and your squad, not achieve victory at the Citadel, but to "steal" vital weapon blueprints from Combine hands.

The story will be worked on and detailed more as the mapping progresses. As for the map, it is a work-in-progress currently, and is only being worked on by me. Also, this is my first map and map series I'm making for the Source engine and Obsidian Conflict.

Note: May be abandoned! But maybe I'll finish it! Who knows!?!

Additional info

Could possibly feature:
-"Combine-style" custom weapons and ammo
-Planning for custom skins for Combines and/or Rebels
-Planning for a Lives mode
-Limited Ammo and Health
-Co-op Puzzles

More will be added to here of course, however, it all depends on how far I take this project.

Current credits

Parsee the Syntax (Undernet10) (creator)
Special thanks to: Xenire

Recent Changes to the Mapdb page

-Removed outdated screenshots.


Changelog is yet to be made.



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