Vicarious Traumatization





Vicarious Traumatization

Author: Maestro Fénix
.bsp filename: oc_vicarioustraumatization_01
Date of release: Misinformation chapter: 21/04/2013
Game Requirements: HL2
Suggested Players: 2 - 8
Estimated time to beat the map 35 minutes - 1 hour (long)
Type of the game: Campaign co-op.
Size: 91mb on bz2, 211mb uncompressed.


You are part of an expert H.E.C.U. squad, who are sent into Black Mesa to stop the alien invasion 48 hours after it started.

Your squad will learn soon that no plan survives the first contact intact…

Slowly, you will realize that you went directly into a hell, and that your objective will be soon the same like the rest of the survivors: ESCAPE.


After two years and a half working on this, after countless unexpected problems, lack of time due working on another projects, and overall, the complete remake from scratch that i had to do after change the plot, the secret project known to the public as "Project Back" is now revealed:

Vicarious Traumatization

The meaning of the title can be found here. I chose this title since the H.E.C.U. solders that are sent to Black Mesa are to help the survivors (and eventually, the world), but soon, they will find that they are on the same situation. Hopeless, they want to leave, but they know that they have the key to stop all this madness.

The name of the first chapter, Misinformation, sums up the general feeling of each soldier: all that they thought to known was incomplete, fake, or unrealistic. They have to act not following their objective, but using their common sense, having to adapt to the circumstances.

I made this campaign for Obsidian Conflict with the following objectives, after saw the important weak points that i found on every game:

*Enforce cooperation between players.
*A reasonable use of combat, puzzles and platforms.
*Decent story and background.
*Use the power of Source to create a decent world.
*Anti-griefing systems.
*100% standalone*, so any player would be able to play it.

*Not true at 100%, since around a 25% of the content is from Black Mesa. There are plans to remplace that content for another on the future.

Additional info


  • 7 new weapons.
  • Boss fight.
  • Custom props.
  • New enemies.
  • Waiting Room (no more people rushing just when they end load the map. With this, the people will have 1 minute to load the map, allowing play it just in the beginning).
  • Half-Life: Opposing Force Style.

Additional credits

Map Stuff:

[N-N]Alligator: Black Mesa containers
raidensnake: VCDs, Scene animator
Menchi: Voice actor
Ereunity: Damage filter fix for the npc_hgrunt
Provenance mod: Health & H.E.V. chargers
Black Mesa mod: Some stuff (Models, Textures and Sounds)
Romka: H.E.C.U./Black Ops soldiers, original hand model
MasterChief: HL1 Helipad texture remake
Prototstar: Textures
WilliamT: Original CH-47 model

Oleg Sirenko: Invasion (from the Chernobyl Retrospective album), from Tunguska Electronic Music Society
Tillman Sillescu: Strike Eagle, published by

M4: Sephiris (Model, UV, Bake), Agent95 (Texture)
Combat Knife: Infallible (Model, UV)
M9: Sureshot (Textures, Model), Vagrant (Sounds), Vunsunta (Sounds), The Noid (Sounds), LakeDown (Sounds), IIopn (Animation & HL2 compile)
DEagle: Vasht (Model), Millenia (Textures), Teh Sterlok (Sounds), IIopn (Animation & HL2 compile)
M24: Vunsunta (Sounds), Iflip (Sounds), TheStealthyOne (Normal map), SixShooter (Textures), !NC!Furious (Textures), Murdock (Textures & Model), Chumpchange (Model), Endorphin (Model), Kais (Model), Bullethead (Model), IIopn (Animation & CSS compile)

Special Thanks to:
Half-Life: Opposing Force
The Obsidian Conflict community
The Whole Half-Life
Sven Co-op


*As the suggested players says above, is needed at least 2 players to play this map.
*Observe your surroundings, it will hint you what to do to continue.
*Cooperate, unity is strength.
*As a 1.35 bug, you will have to drop your pistol in order to pick some weapons. This has been fixed for the next version of OC.
*Although is defined by default on the cfg file of the map, player collision is needed.
*Admins: Since mp_weaponstay is enabled, you will have to care about those players who doesn´t stop spawning weapons (if the spawned weapons reach a big amount it will lag or even crash the server). There´s any way to avoid it, so make sure you kill/kick/ban them if you see them abusing this weak point.



2013 campaign classic-co-op custom-weapons difficulty:medium size:medium

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