Attempting to contain a bunch of useful prefabs for Obsidian Conflict / Hl2.
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Combine Spaceship & etc. by AsG1Alligator


This prefab pack includes 9 prefabs, one being a combine door on a spaceship, a breakable walkway, two versions of a 256 unit hallway, a broken one and a non broken one, and 3 - 5 other prefabs having to do with spaceships!

Contains 9 prefabs.

Decorative Buildings by Sgae


This prefab contains a group of decorative buildings, these can be used for background detail or edited to be used for what ever you want to use them for.

Contains 1 prefabs.

Detailed Cargo Plate by AsG1Alligator


Cargo Plates, First one contains a station for stopping along with a gate, second prefab is a piece of the first one. The third one is a destroyed cargo plate.

Contains 3 prefabs.

Dynamic Skyboxes by Logan Dougall (css) Maestro Fénix (oc)


Dynamic Skyboxes! Not really, however an illusion of a cycle of day in the source engine is good enough for our eyes! A few things, Lougan Dougall made the official version for CSS but Maestro Fénix adapted / ported it over for Obsidian Conflict.
Here are some videos:

Contains 1 prefabs.

Multipassenger armored vehicle by Maestro Fénix


Created by Maestro Fénix, modified APC model by DEAN.

This prefab is about a drivable vehicle who can carry up to 6 players, and have a turret gun.

Includes the prefab, the APC model and textures, and the vmf and bsp map file to test it (now it includes the APC vehicle script).

Use, redistribute or modify it as long as you want, while you allow make the same and give credits of the original authors.

Contains 1 prefabs.

Obsidian Conflict Example Prefab Pack by Tysn


This example prefab pack was made by Tysn in 2009, it sets the precedent of how things should be done, but of course not limited to just these 10 example prefabs.. This pack includes examples of: Advancing Spawns, Basic Npcs, Example cash in Oc, Countdown timer, Custom weapons, Example merchants, Example momentaries, Example two button door, Example waypoints, and finally, Obsidian conflict objective examples.
You can also find a dl link to these here:

Contains 10 prefabs.

Rotating Holographic Alarm by Andrax17


This prefab is a Rotating Holographic Alarm, video preview here

Installation instructions - install materials to obsidian conflict mod folder, install prefab in steamapps\username\sourcesdkin\source2007in\prefabs.

Contains 1 prefabs.

Sewer Walls by AsG1Alligator


15 types of sewer walls! some looks the same but have distinctive features, some have curves some are square, download the pack to have all of these sewer walls!

Contains 15 prefabs.

Shader Canvas by Plasma HeadCrabD


This Pack for shader editor. including some nice effects, like SSAO LENS-FLARE SUNRAY AND MORE!

Contains 92 prefabs.

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