Map Review of nerv-a

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Map review of Nerv

by Maestro FĂ©nix | August 18, 2011 | 1981 characters

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Finally, one of the most waited maps was released. And the wait worthwhile.

The map starts in the Command Center, where you can see the "art" of this part of the map, and the great looking that have with the Anime. After start the "panic event", the enemies comes, and here is where it comes one of the biggest cons of the map: They make a lot of damage. Your allies will die, and you probably too 3 or 4 times.

Without any visual message, you have to advance to the next zone. In this part, the dark ambientation is good made and the zombies makes a good joob coming from the ceilings and such. After solve a short "maze", you will able to go to the next zone.

This part, the LCL lake, looks like that was made quickly, looking the brushes and the low detail of this part.

Luckily it doesnt lasts much, because we enter in the "corridor" zone. Again a lot of detail, that fusions rooms and corridors with open-space zones.

More forward, we will find flooded parts with a heavy number of enemies, and without knowing it, we are in the end!!

Depend if you reach at the the tram, you will see a final or other.

But both ends you teleporting a cinema, where you can see the credits, and finally your score.

In resume, is true that the size and the gameplay will make hate this map for some persons, but at least is 100 times better that other maps that are dull in all the aspects.


  • Good recreation of the Anime
  • The custom content
  • The easter eggs
  • Good ambientation
  • Score system


  • High size of the map with all the stuff (480mb)
  • Enemies makes high damage
  • In some parts the "blocky" brushes makes you believe that are you playing in GoldSrc
  • Isnt too long with 8 players. Is so easy rush the map
  • No cooperative puzzles
Score: 8.3 / 10

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