Xenire's Review of sso

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Map review of Sso

by Xenire | January 16, 2011 | 3397 characters

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I thought I'd write up a quick review detailing my critical opinion of SSO which I have played many times.

SSO is a map that doesn't bother one with the small details and keeps a simple formula; farming points by killing to buy weapons while you progress is the essence of this particular map. If you are looking for a long killfest that gives you some weaponry progression by earning points this is the map to play. The formula the map runs on is very simple but addicting, especially the first time through; this is a very similar formula (different style/execution) to Harvest and Paysan which makes them popular.

As already briefly described the gameplay in SSO is relatively simple and straightforward. You progress area to area killing spawns until the makers run out of things to spawn then the next area will unlock. As you get more points you can unlock more weapons to more easily smite those evil spawns that oppose you and defeat the bosses. The spawns are put right in your face which results in very mindless killing and can result in the map feeling like a grind, but luckily the boss fights are refreshing, and there are some jumping puzzles which break up the killing which is nice. All the boss fights offer something different than seen in any other map; they are quite amusing the first time through, and present a good chuckle at their sheer ridiculousness. The Lambda locator is a nice addition that gives a reason to keep on the lookout. In the end, how much one will enjoy the gameplay presented in this map will vary greatly depending on how much said person likes the formula and spawn killing.

If you have played any of Masa0x's maps you should know what to expect here. He follows the same style for all of his maps and if his architecture or style bothers you then expect the same from this one. Some could care less what a map looks like and the gameplay is what truly matters, but I think they share near equal importance in many cases and one will not be complete without the other. In the visual department this map definitely is a let down but it is sufficient to get the job done so to speak. Most of the areas lack any real interesting qualities to make you want to see what is coming next, but the bosses as described help a bit in this respect.

You may notice I put lengthy as both a pro and a con; this is because personally I do not feel the gameplay and visuals are strong enough to support such a long map, but it is still nice to have a longer map now and then if you are looking for a heavy time sink. A lot of the time people will have to leave before the map can even be completed. Overall, it is not a bad map in the least, but you should know what they are getting into before playing this one as you may find yourself bored if it is not to your taste. I recommend playing it at least once as it is quite enjoyable the first time through, but it is very time consuming so be prepared.


  • Lengthy
  • Ingenuity and brush weapons
  • Score based progression
  • Lambda locator


  • Lengthy
  • Not visually pleasing
  • Spawn fighting
  • High hitpoint bosses
Score: 7 / 10

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