Map Review of oc-elevatoraction

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by Maestro Fénix | August 26, 2012 | 1376 characters

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Today i played this map, and well, i expected a gameplay like Breenoffice. It isn´t. At first, there isn´t anything which stop you falling from the building, forcing you commit suicide if you survived the fall. Then, when i took the weapons and entered into the portal, i saw about how was the gameplay.

You only have to go down stairs, searching in every room the files you have to pick, while the enemies (that doesn´t stop respawning) shoot you down. And that is all.

Basically, if you rush, avoid the enemies with bhop, and pick the files, you can complete the map in a few minutes. There is nothing that forces you to play with the rest of the playmates. The elevators are the most annoying of all: a player can call them while another is using it, jamming it sometimes.

Masa0x, i know you always make maps with different gameplay, but for the next time, think carefully if is fun and is bug free. You could improve the visuals of some maps like SSO or Thunderblade.



  • Many exploits, like jamming the elevators with the gibs.
  • There isn´t any coop feature. You can rush the map alone.
  • Enemies doesn´t stop respawning.
Score: 3 / 10

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