Cbast KeySIV map textures

Cbast KeySIV map textures

Texture pack by Cbast | February 3, 2012 | 39 texture(s) (Note: Remember to give credit to the creator of the Texture(s).)

Categories (edit): hd sci-fi

Download: keystone.rar

Textures from the KevSIV map made by Cbast (de_KeySIV). All the stuff from the map (materials, models, sounds and the map itself) is free to use, modify and redistribute as long as you give credit.

The pack comes with 39 textures (there are over 100 textures, but most of it are for the models).

Note: The textures have a HD quality, so their size is huge (and are bigger the textures of the models).

Page of the map:

Page of the map in GameBanana:

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