Eastern Europe Texture Pack

Eastern Europe Texture Pack

Texture pack by Tune 'Prototstar' Katerungroch | June 19, 2012 | 43 texture(s) (Note: Remember to give credit to the creator of the Texture(s).)

Categories (edit): dirt grass ice rock sand snow

Download: Eastern_Europe_Texture_Pack.rar

This is a package of many Eastern Europe-inspired outdoor textures. Originally designed for Men of War: Vanguard modification. I've decided to release these to the public for those that will find good use in them. Please give credit where it's due. I spent a lot of time on these, building them from scratch with a goal to acheive realistic and higher definition appearance while still keeping the "old" style look.

Rock, sand, dirt, grass, snow, ice. You'll probably find the winter subpackage very useful for your winter setting if you find the standard snow texture in Half Life 2 to be too boring.

There is no specular or normalmap/SSBump because I wanted to keep the package as small as possible. They're very easy to make. Also my personal way of putting off lazy folks that are too lazy to learn something new. The package has no blending texture, but you can do that yourself as well if you know how. It takes only less than a minute of adding lines to a new VMT. If you don't know how to do these then start learning. You'll appreciate me one day for making this barebone. More power and flexibility to the experienced users without adding unnecessary clutter.


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