Texture packs containing Metal.

PK02 by Philip "philipk" Klevestav


PK02 - Source port of Quake IV texture set by Philip Klevestav

This set was created for Quake IV originally and was ported to Source.
If you want the Quake IV version goto:

Feel free to edit the textures and make additions in any way that suits you.
Have fun.

Contains 94 textures.

The Big One Textures Set by Tune 'Prototstar' Katerungroch


This is a premature release of The Big One Textures Set.
The normalmaps and speculars aren't add to some of the textures, so you might have to manually add them yourself. One of the glass alpha isn't working properly, I got no idea why. You might also have to upper the alpha level of "scifi_mglass2_diffuse" quite a bit.

Contains 27 textures.

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