(DB) How to fix the download link for a file.

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(DB) How to fix the download link for a file.

Submitted by: FieryludusFieryludus on 06 May 2011 00:45
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This tutorial is specifically for the Obsidian Conflict Map Database, this tutorial was created to teach uploaders or people who are going around fixing information on pages the right way to put the download link on the page. If you would like a more visual tutorial please play the 26 second video.

Step 1
If the file is not uploaded please upload it.
Step 2
Scroll down and click files.
Step 3
Click info on the uploaded rar or zip file.
Step 4
Copy the "Full File Url"
Step 5
Edit the page, edit the download link and paste the copied url in place of the old one or of the empty space
Step 6
Test the download to see if it works
Step 7
If it worked, then congratulations and thank you for making the database a better place in 30 seconds!


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