(MAP) Stinger's Optimization Video Guide

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(MAP) Stinger's Optimization Video Guide

Submitted by: FieryludusFieryludus on 10 Jan 2012 20:14
Last updated by: FieryludusFieryludus on 28 Jan 2012 16:00

Stinger's Optimization Tutorial Series!

Author: Stinger
Source: Facepunch Mapping subforum


I will try to explain how to make maps well optimized. and hopefully eliminate some misconceptions about the compiler. There are a ton of tutorials out there explaining how to optimize your maps. but they rarely explain what actually happens when you optimize your map. or why it happens.


Part one of the visleaf explanation videos


Importance of Func_detailing plus the effect on visleafs.


Part two of the visleaf explanation videos


In depth explanation of area portals.

This page will constantly be updated as Stinger is still creating tutorial videos.


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